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Vortex Street Collection

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These can be done in nearly any aspect ratio. I have many more images than shown here, each one a unique creation. I achieve variety by changing the size, number, placement, and coloration of ink balls that are released into the flow upstream of the cylinder.


They look good in any orientation. Turning them over changes the feel. Instead of shimmying upward with energy and excitement like a rocket, the object floats downward like a feather.


Here are some that I have digitally framed in faux rice paper mats. These look great printed on aluminum:


I also like them printed on paper and put into gallery style frames as shown here:

I enjoy starting with a picture frame I've refurbished from the trash or bought cheaply on clearance, and finding or making an image to go with it. Here are some examples:

The frame in this next photo came from the trash. The dark green mat had four openings for small photographs. I cut these into a single opening, and created this image with a complementary red background to go with it. Total cost was $10 to print the picture and purchase a new backing board.

I would not have chosen this combination of blond frame with dark green mat on my own, but I'm glad that I found it in the trash. It's like getting a weird vegetable in your CSA share that you've never used before, but you're forced to cook with it and you discover that you like it.

Other ideas I am working on include hanging canvases and shadow boxes.