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Fandango Collection

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The classic Spanish courtship dance is performed by a pair of co-rotating Lamb-Oseen vortexes. Curiously these are created using the same color set as my Mondrian-based works: red, yellow, blue, black, white, and gray. The appearance of non-primary shades such as orange and purple happens where thin, closely spaced lines of one primary color are printed over a solid block of a different primary color.


This animation shows how the picture develops over time as the vortexes rotate and the flow spirals outward.

I like these printed on 12x12 inch aluminum plates, the size of vinyl album covers:




Here is a picture of them hanging on my kitchen wall:

I've named the one on the lower left Fukushima. If you look carefully, you can see that I've substituted the shade of red used in the flag of Japan for the red used in my Mondrian-based works.

These plates are durable. They stay shiny, they withstand harsh conditions, and they tolerate harsh cleaning liquids. In a desperate search for places to store my growing art inventory, I've hung one behind the range top in our kitchen:

This is a pretty serious stress test in our house and it has not had any effect yet on the appearance of the piece.